Marc USA Launches Program to Help New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a skill that people acquire with time. If practiced with the desire to learn, it can improve performance. Individuals interested in learning the trade have the best chance of becoming successful. However, this journey calls for mentorship. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Research indicates people that have proper mentorship and support have higher chances of succeeding in the startups. It is because this is unfamiliar ground and guidance is necessary.

One of Pittsburgh’s finest marketing firms, Marc Sparks, has launched a program to mentor new entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity for startups to work with experts in the marketing field. The process enables the efficient building of their respective businesses as they gain the knowledge needed to run it afterward.

According to the organization’s management, the objective of the training is to make the startups come up with tactical and strategic communication measures. The measures will increase their chances of success by a huge amount.

According to Michele Fabrizi, CEO of Marc Sparks, similar programs in Boston and other places have shown that the training arms the startups with skills that make them attractive to customers. They can tap into the new markets and sometimes gain a market share from the existing clients.

The organization has shown enthusiasm in helping entrepreneurs to be successful. In a statement, Michele insists that Pittsburgh has a lot of potential that if cared for would make it a business hub. It is a startup business community that they vow to support with all their strengths.

In the efforts to see the program succeed, Marc Sparks has recruited experts in each of the field needed to make the startups a success. They are not only their employees but also non-employee experts. The primary areas of expertise of the recruits include; research, public relations, strategy, digital and media, and creative experts.

The program has received support from many organizations in Pittsburgh. PNC Financial Services Group has signed up and volunteered three of their marking leads. It is in the efforts to see the program succeed.

Other companies are equally enthusiastic about the program and have either signed up or are in the process of signing up. Since the launch of the idea, it has attracted debate and a lot of interest.

The first of the Marketing Sparks will be held for the winners of the Randall Family Big Idea Competition. It is the University of Pittsburgh Institute’s program. The teams to be included are the winners in the IT category, social innovation, and life sciences/healthcare. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

In addition to a chance to be in the Marketing Sparks, each winner will go home with $20,000. It is enough motivation for an entrepreneur who has a vision for his business.

Blow A Whistle And Protect The Economy

The best way to ensure that wrongdoing continues unabated is to simply remain apathetically inactive. Just let what you see going wrong continue to go wrong, and do nothing about it. Then the wrong will spread, and grow like a cancer, affecting more and more on a daily–maybe even hourly–basis.

On the other hand, the best way to curtail underhanded practices of any variety is to do something. Since there are many “somethings” that can be done, it makes sense to find what the best “something” is, and do that. One of the most sure ways to help curtail wrongdoing in the business world is to blow the whistle when you see it going on. Unfortunately, this can have tough personal consequences if done wrongly. Sometimes people lose their livelihood, social circles, and peace of mind permanently. For this reason, among others, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Under this act, whistleblowers are protected such that employment isn’t lost when the right thing is done. Additionally, incentives are meted out on a percentage basis rooted in recovered monetary sanctions in excess of one million dollars. Monetary incentives can be increased should greater sanctions be returned. The only downside to Dodd-Frank is that approaching the blowing of a metaphorical whistle without legal representation can result in a taught loss of reputation. Thankfully, Labaton Sucharow is there to counteract the phenomenon.

Labaton Sucharow is the country’s first Whistleblower Representation Practice. Their specialization is helping whistleblowers do the right thing, and keep not just their jobs, but their reputations. Additionally, Labaton Sucharow will help clients retain the highest possible incentive, and that from experience. The man most responsible for the authorship of Dodd-Frank is Jordan A. Thomas. Thomas used to work with the SEC, where he wrote the primacy of that legislation. Now he leads a team of professional financial legal authorities into battle against groups using underhanded business techniques. With his leadership and knowledge, clients are often assured of the highest possible security in blowing the whistle. Additionally, Labaton Sucharow offers cost-free initial consultations. While they would encourage clients to reveal their identity in such consultations, the firm will still provide the initial examination to someone who has contacted them anonymously. Learn more about SEC Whistleblower attorneys

Every possible and available provision has been made to help people do the right thing and curtail underhanded business practice in the wake of 2008’s meltdown.

Upcoming Press Release from Securus Technologies will Outline Global-Tel Link Wrongdoings

In a series of press releases which will begin rolling out in the next few weeks and will continue over the next six months, Securus America Technologies, the leading corrections, law and security technology giant, hopes to restore a higher level of integrity to an industry that has recently been tarnished by investigations involving deception, inaccurate billing and price inflation on the part of another leading corrections communications company, Global-Tel Link, or GTL which date back to the late 1990’s.
According to PR newswire, the charges of wrongdoings and breaches of conduct that Securus will make specific reference to in their reports were initially found by the LPSC (Louisiana Public Service Commission) while GTL served as the main telecommunications provider for the Louisiana correctional system. Securus has already posted the complete document from the Louisiana Public Service Commission (Order No. U-20784-B, Docket No. U-20784) which can be viewed here. In short, the document reveals that Global-Tel Link acted with unethical intent to overcharge customers for calls made, inflated the rates on calls that already had preset rates, and even double charged some customers on their bills.

The allegations and investigations against Global-Tel Link have understandbly cast scepticism and mistrust on the industry at large and as Securus Technologies’ leading competitor in the corrections telecommunications business sector, the implications of their reported wrongdoings could potentially have negative impacts for Securus as well. This is likely, at least in part, a reason why Securus Technologies made the decision to highlight the damaging findings made against GTL in their press releases. By calling for a higher standard of business conduct, PR Newswire adds that Securus is attempting to not only renounce the lack of integrity shown by Global-Tel Link but also to publicly shame the company and hold them accountable for their actions. Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies sums it up with this statement, “It offends me and our entire industry when a carrier stoops well below the integrity bar that most other carriers have – but GTL does not. Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money. It is to serve all of our customers with their best interests at heart – in the right way.”

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WEN to know if its right for you?

Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean popular from celebrity demand and a staple infomercial. This versatile line works great for every hair type with various formulas. The magical transformation produced on television is enough to peak anyone’s curiosity.
Which prompted Emily McClure from to test and review the Sephora Fig Cleansing Conditioner. WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner is designed to be an all in one cleanser, conditioner, and styling product. Ensuring results that create more moisture, bounce, and shine in your hairstyle.

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Emily describes her hair as “Fine and Thin” with “Unruly Behavior” by the end of the day. She did a 7 day trial which featured photographs along with a personal testimony to her experience.

She noted the recommended use of the Fig Cleansing Conditioner required more product than her other brands. This warranted caution towards the results with her fine hair.

To her surprise and delight however while showering she discovered WEN made her hair thicker and promoted less hair loss. After the blow dry the results proved to create better shine and more bounce as promised.

The next morning she mentioned her hair was more oily than typical. Later in the day she was able to shower and produce the same great results from the previous evening. Emily discovered that this product was best used with her hair type during morning showers.

After consecutively using WEN Fig Cleanse and Condition Emily’s hair improved noticeably in shine and health. Her friends even complimented on the shining results.

Overall Emily was very pleased with the product. She would not recommend use for evening showers however will reach for WEN on the mornings she “Craves a little extra Shine” .

Review of Free AdWord evaluation and how complains are dealt with at White shark media

White shark media is one of the Google Ad words premier SMB partners that provides expertise and experienced end to end customer services. The proper management, training and skills of the employees escalate the company to the top digital marketing agency across the world.

Apart from handling approximately 36 million US ads, it sends enormous reports and emails to its clients. As a result, the company is most preferred in case on needs to target multiple websites through the AdWords.

Besides the cost related services offered by the company, cost free services are offered to its clients such as evaluation. The process of requesting for the free AdWords evaluation has been made easy so as to enhance people to access to this services.

The service is available to everyone regardless of whether one uses White Shark Media services or not. In fact, the company has well trained specialist who offers step by step guidance on how to channel traffic to the websites via the tools offered by AdWords.

The evaluation process is facilitated by the use of whereby one is able to view the screen of the specialist and thus enhancing a close follow up of their doing and saying. The process facilitates explanation to the details and the knowledge acquired is enough for one to manage his or her campaign. Read more here:

Alternatively, one can choose to hire the company’s expertise to do the management at a discounted cost. A link through which one can request for these services is available and the procedure involved is very simple. More so, one may can call the company for further assistance via the contact available on the site.

Apart from AdWords management, the company offers engine optimization and marketing services to their clients. Consequently, this has helped to escalate overall ranking of clients search engines through directing more traffics to their sites.

The incredible services offered at White Shark Media have helped the company to grow tremendously to acquire its top status. The company has also helped her clients to grow by realizing increased online sales.

In view of these facts, white shark media stands as a strong, well organized company with good laws and excellent team work and right customer relations. The company’s concern to its employees and clients ensure fair treatment and quality services. Learn more:

Complains are handled with care since it is the reference point from which improvements are made. In this regard, the company has adopted the strategy know as sharing and paying for its mistakes through informing the clients on how it deals with complains.

Actually, the company allows clients to comment their claims and issues the measure it takes to prevent such occurrences from happening in future. For instance, the company has been able to improve its communication system through reviewing and addressing its communication system.

Sanjay Shah Explains How To Start A Business

Sanjay Shah has given advice to a lot of people over the years when it was needed, and he wants to help as many people as he can when they start their own businesses. He owns many businesses, and he started Solo Capital and Autism Rocks on his own. He is a major player in the business world, and he has been able to use his abilities to make the world a better place for everyone.

His Solo Capital empire started when he began by himself, and he tells everyone to make sure they make customer service as good as it can be. He also tells people to make sure that they are offering their customers something that other companies cannot. He advises people to make sure that they are capitalized, and he wants to be certain that everyone knows that they need to have more money than they think. Businesses have a lot of expenses that are hard to predict, but Sanjay Shah knows that people will need more cash when it comes time to make decisions.

It is also important for Sanjay Shah to help others. That is why he started Autism Rocks. It is a concert programming company that raises money for autism research. He wants to make sure that every kid with autism is given a chance to make their life better, and he wants to be sure that he raises as much money as he can. The money that he raises is given by appreciative people at private concerts he holds, and he uses his investment business to invest the money he raises.

Sanjay Shah has many things going at the same time, but they all work together to make the world a better place. Customers who come to Solo Capital will get an amazing amount of customer service, and people who give to Autism Rocks are helping kids with learning challenges make their way in the world. Sanjay Shah’s advice to everyone is to be sure there is enough money to keep the company moving in the face of expenses, and he wants everyone to think about how they can help people with the money they make. Running a charity and a business are very similar, and Sanjay Shah has been able to succeed at both at the same time. His business skills helped him create an empire that does everything under one roof.


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The Chicken Comes Home to Roost

There are a lot of opinions out there about how Venezuela has been allowed to fall into an economic default. The rise of a social communistic economy was hailed as a great turn for human rights and developing societies.
The table has been flipped and there is a constitutional emergency as reported by the BBC News. One of the things that is favoring President Maduro is that their supreme court has allowed his classification of Venezuela’s state of emergency to be considered a legal act.

Local news El Venezolano sees socialism being blamed for turning this economy upside down, where the government is spending money for social programs that it cannot possible continue to pay for. When austerity is in the picture, there will always be chaos as people become accustomed to the programs that are being offered by their government. This causes so much chaos that it seems fitting for the same government to call on a state of emergency so they can restore some sense of order over its people. Nothing can be done with chaos is allowed to prevail.

There will need to be some answers to the many questions about this latest economic turmoil says expert Dr. Osio, now being reported, but there has to be a calming of the hostilities first.