Joseph Bismark is a Busy Man

There is much that an individual can do in order to be all that they should be and in order to look out for others in the way that they should, and Joseph Bismark is doing much to look out for the world around him and to lead those who are in need of guidance. This man is more than just a business leader and a boss, this man is someone who is out there to encourage and motivate the world, and he is someone who is changing lives. As I was reading on the WordPress blog Bring on the Random, I learned just how Joseph Bismark looks out for the lives of others, and how he changes the way that others are living.

Joseph Bismark is not afraid of being busy, not when his busyness means that he is helping those around him. This man is an author and a motivational speaker, in addition to being a businessman, and he is changing the world. I see how Joseph Bismark has affected the world, and I understand his decision to do what he can to help those around him live better lives. This man cares about more than just himself and the business that he needs to get done, he cares about the world around him and the lives of every other individual living on this planet.

Beneful Is A Good Choice In Dog Food

I believe that if you own a pet, then you need to have the responsibility to see that they are always taken care of. If you are going to have a pet in your home, then you need to be able to make sure that they are always healthy and happy. There is no reason for you to get a dog for yourself if you are not going to be there for them. I believe that only the most responsible of people should own pets. Don’t just go out and adopt one if you don’t know what you are doing. It will just end up being a lot of work for you, then, or your dog will be neglected.
It takes a special person to own a pet and to love it like they should, and I believe that people should carefully consider this before they adopt a pet. And, if they have thought it through and they are still wanting to adopt a pet, then I believe that they should do all that they can to train themselves to be the best pet owners possible. They need to know what to do to keep their dog healthy and happy.
Anyone who owns a pet needs to be able to which dog food brand they should be feeding their pet to keep him or her healthy. I believe that dog food brands that are made with quality, healthy ingredients are the best. Especially when their workers stand behind them.
Beneful is a brand like that. They had a recent ad campaign that showed their workers talking about the brand and how it is the only brand of dog food that they would consider feeding to their furry friends. The ad is very believable, and it makes me think that Beneful really is a good brand for any pet owner to choose.
There are a lot of things that you are going to want to consider and learn before you decide to adopt a pet, but as long as you know what kind of food to feed them to keep them healthy, then you should be able to do okay for yourself.

What Should a Dog Food Brand Do to Be the Best that They Can Be?

When a dog food brand is looking to make it, they need to know just what they should be doing in order to be their best. Every brand wants to be all that it can be, and dog food brands need to know just what they should be doing in order to reach their full potential. What is it that a dog food brand should be doing in order to be the best that they can be? Beneful seems to know the answer to that.

When it comes to a brand like Beneful, they are working hard to make sure that all that they do helps them and helps the dogs that they support. Beneful is working hard to be the best that they can be, and that means that they are putting out good dog food and producing great advertising. This brand is showing that they care about pets and pet owners, and they are working on being all that they are meant to be.

Organo Gold: The Vision and Mission

People around the world are waking up to the aroma, taste and benefits of Organo Gold coffee. This premium gourmet beverage is one of many healthy products marketed by Bernardo Chua and his team of global distributors. Chua, a successful Filipino businessman, started his company with a vision and a mission: to introduce the world to an herb called Ganoderma.

Chua is the visionary behind Organo Gold, which he founded in Canada in 2008. Shane Morand is his business partner and the company’s master distributor. They invited Holton Buggs to head up the company’s international sales. Together, these men lead a global team committed to physical well-being and financial freedom.

What Makes Organo Gold Special?

Organo Gold is the world’s fastest growing network marketing company. Independent distributors in Canada, the United States and across the globe manage the sale of Organo Gold products. The company markets gourmet beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products.

All Organo Gold products feature an ingredient called Ganoderma. This “miracle herb” is actually a fungus — an edible mushroom that grows on living and dead wood. Organo Gold sources certified organic Ganoderma from the Wuyi Mountains of China.

Lingzhi, Reishi and the King of Herbs

There are about 80 species of Ganoderma in the world. Organo Gold products contain Ganoderma lucidum. The company uses advanced technologies to crush the mushroom into fine powder, which it then adds to beverages, supplements, tooth paste and bath soap.

Ganoderma may be a little-known ingredient to 21st century consumers, but ancient practitioners called it “the King of Herbs.” Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used Ganoderma, also called Lingzhi and Reishi, for thousands of years.

The herb’s health benefits stem from several natural healing compounds. Among them are adenosine, ganoderic essence and organic germanium. The most important bioactive ingredients are polysaccharides, triterpenoids and selenium.

Enjoying the Benefits of Organo Gold

Anyone can benefit from Ganoderma’s healing properties. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the herb has both therapeutic and preventive effects. It stimulates the body’s immune system, protects internal organs and improves general well-being.

“Bringing the treasures of the earth to the people of the world” is an appropriate motto for Organo Gold. The company’s mission is to spread the word about Ganoderma, and its global team is well on their way to accomplishing this.

Feeding Loved Ones the Best!

When it comes to your well-loved dog, you want to feed them nothing but the best. Basically they can lead a healthy life if they eat a good variety of food (not unlike humans). Grains, meat and vegetables must be part of their complete diet, however just like our own diets, meals must be appropriately sized and be balanced, while avoiding overindulgence.

Since a dog owner must ensure that the safety and quality of their chosen dog food, many individuals rely on Beneful Brand Dog food. The makers of this brand actually feed it to their own precious pets, particularly because this company values quality assurance. They focus on a product that is consistent in quality and safeness.
Beneful on wiki offers a good variety of meals for adult dogs and puppies. They merge nutritious grains, juicy pieces of real beef and vegetables in dry and wet foods to create a flavor that dogs love and look forward to. For those that are finicky, Beneful has prepared meals that can provide a staple food, yet is available in a variety so you can switch them a bit to ensure they do not get meal boredom.

As with anything, you can go the less expensive route when it comes to dog food or simply ensure that you use a brand with quality ingredients. You must be confident it is safe to eat and made with ingredients possessing high standards. You wouldn’t want to serve your little loved ones anything but the best!

Blame It On The Alcohol

If you’ve ever drank before, than you likely have been in this predicament. You either leave the bar, or you are done with a night of drinking somewhere else and you are starving! So, you of course eat some food…sometimes lots of it. Otherwise, perhaps your friend was hungry so you stopped somewhere but you had no intention of eating. Suddenly, the food smells too good and you can’t deny it! Well there’s a study out that you might be able to blame for next time you drunkenly stuff your face.

According to GrubStreet there’s a survey out that says alcohol literally makes food smell better! This may just explain all those times when you smelled food after drinking and just couldn’t deny it. This can even mean bad food. The scientists who conducted the study think it has something to do with alcohols effect on the brain.

Alcohol does cause people to do some things they normally wouldn’t says Lime Crime. Now they can include large quantities of food just because it smelled amazing. So, next time your drinking and you are also watching your weight and health, this is something to keep in mind. Perhaps don’t walk into a restaurant or area with food if you don’t plan on eating. The alcohol may just make it impossible to resist. As always, drinks responsibly, and now you can add snack responsibly as well.

The Sugary Drink Habit Is Downright Deadly

Sugary drinks are the crux of what is wrong with the western diet. They contain sugar but no fiber or anything else that the body has to break down first to get access to that sugar, so it goes straight to our blood causing spikes in our blood sugar. The consumption of sugary beverages has long been tied to diabetes due to this negative effect on our body’s regulation of blood sugar. They are also a leading cause of obesity. Sugary drinks are estimated to cause about 180,000 deaths a year around the world. The impact is not equal around the world, however.

Shockingly, Mexico far exceeds other nations, including the U.S., when it comes to deaths caused by excessive consumption of sugary drinks. The term sugary drinks is used because Andy Wirth points out that it is more than just sodas at fault. There are also plenty of “fruit” drinks and energy drinks that have labels that may try to make them sound healthy but that are actually loaded with added sugars. Japan and Vietnam are among the bottom five countries in this list of sugary drink induced death and this has to do with a healthier Asian diet in general and the fact that far fewer people develop the soda habit in these countries. The fact that three-quarters of these deaths are in developing countries indicates that as people in these countries get more money, they need to spend it more wisely.

The Art of Fasting

Fasting from food has been an increasingly popular way to aid in the journey that is weight loss. Recent studies have shown that fasting can also improve the immune system and will typically help to boost natural brain function. While the benefits of fasting are numerous, doctors have been typically nervous to recommend fasting to their patients. There are many dangers that persist with extreme dieting. Alexei Beltyukov and his colleagues are pictured in this image on Flickr. This as well as the extreme mentality that people can have when dieting can make fasting a danger as opposed to a beneficial way of life . This has led scientists and researchers to create a 5 day diet that mimics fasting. While imitating the process of what fasting looks like, this diet is a lot safer than extreme fasting on its own. The study was initially published in the Cell Metabolism journal . Patients who participated in the study saw a reduced risk of Aging, cancer, Cardinal cardiovascular disease, and diabetes after a three-month period. Even though the study only included 19 voluntary individuals the findings from the project are extremely promising. The findings have even led the University of Southern California researchers who founded the diet to pursue getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration as soon as possible. Once they do that they can recommend the diet to their patients. This diet will get the mind and body in sync while patients get the chance to lose a few pounds along the way.

Papa John’s Focusing on Natural Ingredients

Papa John’s seems like an unlikely place to find natural ingredients, but the pizza Juggernaut announced on Tuesday that they would spend $100 million in an attempt to rid their pizza of artificial ingredients.

According to an official press release, the pizza chain, famously endorsed by Peyton Manning, is working on eliminating all artificial flavors and ingredients from its line up over the next year. The company famously removed trans fat from the menu last year, and banished MSG in the process as well.

While Papa John’s journey is a noble one, they are far from the first company to announce similar plans says Ivan Ong in this piece. General Mills made a similar announcement on Tuesday morning. The company plans to remove all artificial flavors and colors from their lineup starting in January of 2016. They plan to have a completely natural product line by the beginning of 2017. Subway also made a similar promise, injecting money into research that will ensure freshness without including artificial flavors, coloring and preservatives.

Fast food chains and major product distributors simply need to make this change to stay competitive, argue industry experts. The focus on natural, organic, quality products has upped the ante, and has forced these brands to take a hard look at their product line. So far, the fast food industry appears to be putting their money where their mouth is, and more natural foods are never a bad thing.

Burger Mogul Heading For Changes

An American icon is beginning its trail towards becoming less of a powerhouse. McDonald’s has announced that for the first time in decades it will begin closing more stores than it is opening. The chain does not sound too concerned over this dilemma as it has plans to restructure and revamp the chain.

As one of America’s largest fast food chains, it has seen a slump in not only sales, but also in earnings over the past year. As a Capital Manager, Brad Reifler understands the full extent this slump has had on the fast-food giant. This has been met with 350 stores already shutting down in the US alone. Changes in the menu items have been made in an attempt to energize sales, but fancy words and new sauces have not brought about the results the chain was seeking.

There have been a number of new stores that have been opened globally. These have met or exceeded sales projections. The company believes that this is because that market is not saturated with the products and it is considered new and cutting in those areas.

Even with slumping sales and closings, McDonald’s is confident that they will remain the number one hamburger chain in the states. Top management believes that with the renewing energy that is being put into new menu items, that the chain will not only survive this slump, but come out stronger than ever before. Do not count McDonald’s out as of yet, they are confident that they will come back.