The Food Ingredients That Might Be Messing With Your Digestion

There are a number of ingredients that are added to food products and they are designed to act as an emulsifier. This means they keep ingredients such as oils and fats from separating said the article. Ricardo Guimarães BMG these ingredients include xantham gum, polyglycerols, carageenan, polysorbate 80 and also lecithin. While these ingredients are effective in making the texture of a food better they can cause digestive issues such as irritable bowels, microbes in the gastrointestinal tracts, inflamed bowels and more.

Emulsifiers are currently an approved ingredient by the FDA but when it comes to digestion many medical professionals believe these products are causing an increase in obesity, cardiovascular disease and other health issues. This is because many health conditions are related to the amount of bacteria in a person’s gastrointestinal tract. While there are beneficial bacteria that come from probiotics, emulsifier bacteria is not the same thing.

Studies are currently being done to better understand this host of emulsifiers that are used throughout our food supply. So far the results don’t look great as some studies are showing that mice who have been fed food with emulsifiers are developing chronic colitis and immune system issues.

More Bad News For Foodies

Your mother told you for years to watch what you eat, and to only eat healthy foods. She was very right in her thinking. New studies are indicating the additives in many foods are linked with weight gain, as well as inflammation. Oddly enough, it seems to be linked to compounds used to make food thicker.

In a recent study, mice where fed this specific compound. Facebook experts reported that these mice went on to develop health problems to include changing in blood sugar, as well as weight gain. The specific compound is called carboxymethylcellulose, and again is is found in many foods as an emulsifying agent.

With this said, it may be time to rethink your diet and do a total overhaul. Open the kitchen cupboards and toss out anything that is not natural and healthy. Not only will you benefit from not ingesting artificial food additives, but your stomach will thank you as well. You may even se that needle on the scale finally move in the right direction.

Lower Back Pain Prevention Advice

This company saved my life.  Operating a food truck is no easy task, and it really takes a toll on your back.  But you have to earn that money, so luckily I was able to turn to North American Spine to literally save my life.

North American Spine is an established organization that helps people reduce their back pain. According to experts, lower back pain is preventable. Although North American Spine offers excellent services, certain procedures must be implemented to avoid severe back pain after surgery is complete.

Back Pain From Sports

Many people injure their backs during a game of golf or basketball. Injuries occur because some individuals think that they are professional athletes. When they try complicated moves, they end up hurting themselves.

To protect your back while you play golf or basketball, you must stretch to make your core muscles stronger. Your sides and your abdominal muscles need a lot of attention because they keep the back stable. An inflatable exercise ball is a great tool for this task because it engages your sides and abs.

Lower Back Pain From Lifting Heavy Objects

According to North American Spine doctors, most lower back problems are caused by improper lifting and bending. To maintain a strong spine after surgery, you must support your back by using your abs. Also, when you lift a bulky item, you must keep your back properly aligned while bending your knees. Never bend your waist because it will make the pain worse.

When you try to lift a heavy object, keep the item very close to you. If you lift the object while it is far away from your body, you will put more stress on your back.

While holding a heavy object, keep it below your knees or over your armpit. Always choose the items that you want to carry carefully. If an object weighs over 20 percent of your overall weight, do not try to move it.

Certain techniques must be used while walking with a heavy object. Whenever you need to change directions, reposition your feet instead of your waist.

For more helpful pain prevention techniques, schedule an appointment with a North American Spine doctor.

What Is Glow In The Dark, Cold, And Sweet?

Eating ice cream in the dark can be a challenge. Connecting the spoon to the bowl then into the mouth can be quite a daunting task. There may some misses, spills, dribbles. Well an Autrailian ice cream shop, 196 Below, has come out with a glow in the dark ice cream. UV reacted liquid coloring is the essential ingredient to to making Steve Felice’s idea a reality. The co-owner of their establishment has fond memories of raves during his youth which he admits was the main inspiration for their newest cold dessert option. Flavio Maluf say that the folks at 196 Below may not have been the first to admit this products, a UK man did in 2013 with a slightly different recipe, they are definitely the hippest joint to serve it to youngsters, ravers, and adults. Another perk of the neon ice cream may potentially have will be parents ability to track their kids sneaking ice cream into their beds at night, busted!

Legendary East Village Bar Crowd Funds it’s Way Out of Closing

NYC dive Manitoba, one of the last hangouts for punks and the mainstay of the punk scene reported in January that it was in danger of closing after the owner Dick Manitoba was forced to settle a lawsuit “for a cumbersome amount”. But crowdfunding has come to the rescue and the famous bar will be able to stay open.

According to PR News wire. Manitoba had implied that the lawsuit was about noise complaints, including some that came as early as 8pm, and while those may have been genuine, they were not the only issue. Instead, the lawsuit was about Americans with Disability Act Compliance reported Imaging Advantage. A unnamed man sued 37 bars and restaurants over compliance, including Manitoba’s next door neighbor, Casimir.

Manitoba’s was able to raise the money it needed to stay open by running a campaign through indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform that allows the campaigner to collect their money even if they do not reach their goal. Fortunately the bar was able to reach their goal, in part by offering perks such as CBGB photo’s and Dictator’s posters. They raised over $30,000 from 688 supporters who responded to the owners concerns of increasing gentrification causing the area to lose much of the character it had been known for.

The East Village bar is one of the last of its kind. The bar is dedicated to being a mainstay of the punk rock scene and thanks to the community will stay that way for the foreseeable future.