Blame It On The Alcohol

If you’ve ever drank before, than you likely have been in this predicament. You either leave the bar, or you are done with a night of drinking somewhere else and you are starving! So, you of course eat some food…sometimes lots of it. Otherwise, perhaps your friend was hungry so you stopped somewhere but you had no intention of eating. Suddenly, the food smells too good and you can’t deny it! Well there’s a study out that you might be able to blame for next time you drunkenly stuff your face.

According to GrubStreet there’s a survey out that says alcohol literally makes food smell better! This may just explain all those times when you smelled food after drinking and just couldn’t deny it. This can even mean bad food. The scientists who conducted the study think it has something to do with alcohols effect on the brain.

Alcohol does cause people to do some things they normally wouldn’t says Lime Crime. Now they can include large quantities of food just because it smelled amazing. So, next time your drinking and you are also watching your weight and health, this is something to keep in mind. Perhaps don’t walk into a restaurant or area with food if you don’t plan on eating. The alcohol may just make it impossible to resist. As always, drinks responsibly, and now you can add snack responsibly as well.

The Sugary Drink Habit Is Downright Deadly

Sugary drinks are the crux of what is wrong with the western diet. They contain sugar but no fiber or anything else that the body has to break down first to get access to that sugar, so it goes straight to our blood causing spikes in our blood sugar. The consumption of sugary beverages has long been tied to diabetes due to this negative effect on our body’s regulation of blood sugar. They are also a leading cause of obesity. Sugary drinks are estimated to cause about 180,000 deaths a year around the world. The impact is not equal around the world, however.

Shockingly, Mexico far exceeds other nations, including the U.S., when it comes to deaths caused by excessive consumption of sugary drinks. The term sugary drinks is used because Andy Wirth points out that it is more than just sodas at fault. There are also plenty of “fruit” drinks and energy drinks that have labels that may try to make them sound healthy but that are actually loaded with added sugars. Japan and Vietnam are among the bottom five countries in this list of sugary drink induced death and this has to do with a healthier Asian diet in general and the fact that far fewer people develop the soda habit in these countries. The fact that three-quarters of these deaths are in developing countries indicates that as people in these countries get more money, they need to spend it more wisely.

The Art of Fasting

Fasting from food has been an increasingly popular way to aid in the journey that is weight loss. Recent studies have shown that fasting can also improve the immune system and will typically help to boost natural brain function. While the benefits of fasting are numerous, doctors have been typically nervous to recommend fasting to their patients. There are many dangers that persist with extreme dieting. Alexei Beltyukov and his colleagues are pictured in this image on Flickr. This as well as the extreme mentality that people can have when dieting can make fasting a danger as opposed to a beneficial way of life . This has led scientists and researchers to create a 5 day diet that mimics fasting. While imitating the process of what fasting looks like, this diet is a lot safer than extreme fasting on its own. The study was initially published in the Cell Metabolism journal . Patients who participated in the study saw a reduced risk of Aging, cancer, Cardinal cardiovascular disease, and diabetes after a three-month period. Even though the study only included 19 voluntary individuals the findings from the project are extremely promising. The findings have even led the University of Southern California researchers who founded the diet to pursue getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration as soon as possible. Once they do that they can recommend the diet to their patients. This diet will get the mind and body in sync while patients get the chance to lose a few pounds along the way.

Papa John’s Focusing on Natural Ingredients

Papa John’s seems like an unlikely place to find natural ingredients, but the pizza Juggernaut announced on Tuesday that they would spend $100 million in an attempt to rid their pizza of artificial ingredients.

According to an official press release, the pizza chain, famously endorsed by Peyton Manning, is working on eliminating all artificial flavors and ingredients from its line up over the next year. The company famously removed trans fat from the menu last year, and banished MSG in the process as well.

While Papa John’s journey is a noble one, they are far from the first company to announce similar plans says Ivan Ong in this piece. General Mills made a similar announcement on Tuesday morning. The company plans to remove all artificial flavors and colors from their lineup starting in January of 2016. They plan to have a completely natural product line by the beginning of 2017. Subway also made a similar promise, injecting money into research that will ensure freshness without including artificial flavors, coloring and preservatives.

Fast food chains and major product distributors simply need to make this change to stay competitive, argue industry experts. The focus on natural, organic, quality products has upped the ante, and has forced these brands to take a hard look at their product line. So far, the fast food industry appears to be putting their money where their mouth is, and more natural foods are never a bad thing.

Burger Mogul Heading For Changes

An American icon is beginning its trail towards becoming less of a powerhouse. McDonald’s has announced that for the first time in decades it will begin closing more stores than it is opening. The chain does not sound too concerned over this dilemma as it has plans to restructure and revamp the chain.

As one of America’s largest fast food chains, it has seen a slump in not only sales, but also in earnings over the past year. As a Capital Manager, Brad Reifler understands the full extent this slump has had on the fast-food giant. This has been met with 350 stores already shutting down in the US alone. Changes in the menu items have been made in an attempt to energize sales, but fancy words and new sauces have not brought about the results the chain was seeking.

There have been a number of new stores that have been opened globally. These have met or exceeded sales projections. The company believes that this is because that market is not saturated with the products and it is considered new and cutting in those areas.

Even with slumping sales and closings, McDonald’s is confident that they will remain the number one hamburger chain in the states. Top management believes that with the renewing energy that is being put into new menu items, that the chain will not only survive this slump, but come out stronger than ever before. Do not count McDonald’s out as of yet, they are confident that they will come back.

The Obama Administration Is Banning Trans Fats

The Government Wants To Phase Out The Use Of Trans Fats Over The Next Three Years

Heart-clogging trans fats have been part of the ingredients in many popular foods for years. Health advocates have been trying to get the government to ban trans fats for the last eleven years, and they finally got what they wanted. The Obama administration told the food industry to phase out the use of trans fats over the next three years. That seems like a long time to stop using heart-clogging ingredients, but the good news is all trans fats will be banned by 2018 except for the trans fats that occur naturally in certain foods.

The administration says the move will prevent thousands of heart attacks, and reduce the number of coronary heart disease cases that plague Americans. The foods that contain the most trans fats are biscuits, coffee creamers, pie crusts, frozen pizza, microwave popcorn, stick margarine, refrigerated dough, and vegetable shortenings. Food companies can make those items without trans fats, and most consumers will never miss them.

Daniel Amen knows that not everyone is happy about the decision. The Grocery Manufacturers Association is working on a petition that would ask the FDA to allow the use of some trans fats if they are considered safe by the American Medical Association.

Does The FDA Ruling Mean You Are Safe From Death By Trans Fats?

No it does not. You probably knew that already. If you want a highly informative review of the FDA ruling, you can go the the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website. What does the FDA rulings on trans fats really mean?

As a compulsive reader of labels, I have learned the cost and dangers of eating trans fats. Without reading labels, anyone could easily eat a lot of trans fats without even knowing it. There are many foods fatally rich in trans fats. According to Marcio Alaor BMG, trans fats are in processed foods such as coffee creamers, microwave popcorn, candy, and ready made pie and cakes. It far healthier to substitute freshly grown food such as fruit and vegetables for processed food.

One of the really important points of the article is to explain clearly and coherently what trans fats are and why they are bad for us. A strength of the article is its information on how to tell that partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are trans-fats. Personally, I, like many other people, struggle with weight, heart disease and diabetes. The article reinforced my efforts on reading labels and avoiding trans fats.

If would have been more informative if article could have provided more in depth discussion of the implications of the three year phase in? How many lives will unnecessarily be lost to heart disease and stroke during the three year phase-in? How many pounds will we gain in weight during this phase in period?

Pizza Pig in a Blankets

I have heard of many different foods we have put together in my lifetime but the thought of hot dog bites and pizza, I wasn’t sure. At first when I heard this creation I thought the sound of sliced up hot dogs on a pizza where pepperoni and sausage should be did not sound very good to me. However upon looking at this I see that it is actually a regular pizza such as pepperoni or sausage the only difference is the crust has now been made into the notorious pig in a blanket. This intrigues me Pizza Hut. As I read about the reviews on this pizza the author claims he barely survived and went as far as to knock Vienna Sausages and call the hot dogs low rent. Mind you buddy, some people love Vienna Sausages! That is why businessman Bruce Levenson says they are iconic here in America. Maybe you should go to Trader Joes and get you some organic grass fed hot dogs and stop eating pizza!

Should You Be Spending More Money for Organic Produce?

The rise in organic sales is continually going up on a very steady basis. More people want to know that their produce is being treated in a healthy and safe manner without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Just go into any local supermarket and chances are pretty good that you’ll find something in the produce aisle that is completely organic and is USDA certified to be organically grown. According to Marcio Alaor BMG, what organic means for the average consumer is that the food item they are buying does not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients that have been modified genetically. When it concerns produce, this means that chemicals were not sprays on the produce before it went to the supermarket.

One of the main issues that people have with going organic and buying all-organic foods is that they tend to be much more expensive. Also, organic produce can be a bit smaller because of the fact that nothing was used to enhance its size, for instance, a regular cucumber may be bigger than an organic one. The reason organic produce is much more expensive is because there is a lot of loss where organic produce is concerned because no chemicals are being used to deter bugs or keep the vegetables growing big and strong. If you are concerned about chemicals on your food, going organic is definitely worth the extra money for you and can pay off in the long run.

A Pepsi Makeover

Pepsi is getting a little bit of a makeover, and it’s exotic sounding to say the least! Pepsi had recently developed DEWShine which was a craft soda, and now they seem to be doing it again. According to GrubStreet they are at it again! Now they will be coming out with “Stubborn Soda” which has quite the assortment of interesting and fancy sounding flavors. These include ones such as agave vanilla cream, orange hibiscus, and lemon berry acai. My buddy Steve Murray told me, hey, you gotta give it to them, they are really trying.

This take at making craft drinks is further perpetuated by the fact that they will be coming out of a machine that resembles one that has tappers. It’s unclear what’s next for these interesting sounding flavors. It seems likely that perhaps they will end up in restaurants next to the typical soda fountain. Otherwise, maybe we will be seeing them in cans or bottles that hit the grocery store shelves.

In this day and age, it’s hard to compete with other soda retailers out there. So many different ones are coming up with so many different ideas. Some are removing artificial ingredients, others are adding healthier options. To stand out from the crowd, you really have to try something new and stick your neck out to get people interested. People will definitely be lining up to try these flavors, at least for a little while, because after all it’s something different from the typical soda they consume.