And My Puppy’s Favorite Dog Food Brand Is…

Beneful is a brand of dog food that is trusted by millions. Manufactured in the U.S.A, Beneful is created by state-of-the art technology and methods that helps to ensure that your puppy or dog receives a high-quality and tasty meal. These delectable meals for your dog come in a variety of shapes and textures that are sure to keep your dog interest and begging for more

In addition to being tasty, Beneful offers your four-legged friend a meal that is packed with nutrition. The meals manufactured by Beneful are made with real meat which helps to provide protein. Protein is important to any dog’s balanced meal because it helps to build strong muscles. Not only does Beneful offer your beloved pet real meat, these products also include wholesome grains that help your dog to keep up his or her energy. Increased energy can help your dog to stay alert longer, run faster, and play with you and the kids for longer periods of time. Vegetables such as barley, peas, and carrots are also included in the Beneful meals to help provide essential vitamins for your dog that contribute to physical growth and development. One of the final ingredients is the addition of antioxidants and omega fatty acids. These additions help your dog to build and sustain a healthy immune system. All of the ingredients offered in Beneful meals are important and provide your dog with a healthy and balanced diet.

Beneful not only provide benefits for our four-legged friends but they provide much convenience for the owners. Their social media presence is strong, with an active following on Facebook and Twitter. And plenty of doggie pics.

Beneful meals are offered in a variety of packaging sizes that makes it easy to purchase an appropriate size to fit the appetite of your dog. Also, many of these packages have the ability to be resealed. This helps prevent your dog food from becoming stale or exposed to various elements or bugs that could take away from the quality and taste of the food.

American Honey Bee Colonies Are Dying Off In The Summer And Experts Are Worried

Since April of last year two out of five American honeybee colonies have died. This loss of 42.1 percent of beekeeper colonies is the second worst in nine years. What surprises the experts is the losses occurred during the summer months.

Experts at the U.S. Department of Agriculture are blaming these losses on bad things happening in our agro-ecosystems. It is easy to see the damages happening with bees as they are easy to count. The good news with the honey bee populations is that beekeepers will make sure the colonies are rebuilt and the numbers can then go back up; however this pushes bee colonies to their limits.

The loss occurring in the summer months has entomologists worried as it is the first time they have seen such large numbers dying during the summer versus the winter. One expert compared this to seeing higher flue related deaths in the summer than in the winter. It has many beekeepers panicking when they discuss this outbreak.

There was a 60 percent loss of hives in Oklahoma, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa Maine and Oklahoma in the past year. Dennis vanEngelsdorp, from the University of Maryland says a combination of poor nutrition; pesticides and mites are to blame for the bee deaths. vanEngelsdorp says despite chief beekeeper, Dick Rogers optimistic outlook that these losses are normal and that hives will again flourish, it does not mean bee health is improving, so Adam is still worried.

How Fitness Trackers Work

It’s the latest trend in jewelry for the wrist. Colorful, hip and helps to keep you healthy. It’s the latest must-have electronic gadget and their called ‘fitness trackers’. Different companies are offering them and each one does a little something different. To discover which one is right for you you, take a look at how the fitness trackers work.
Wearing a fitness tracker will monitor and provide you with certain types of information. If you want to know how many steps you take during the day, that’s an easy task for a fitness tracker to keep count of. The device will also monitor your heart rate during exercise or sports, tell you how many calories you’re burning and how much oxygen is in your blood.
Fitness trackers also get a little nosy by telling you the quality of your diet, how many calories are in the food you’re eating and what type of mood you’re in.
Water-proof fitness tracker bracelets are available for those who like to swim and wish to monitor their vitals while in the water. That is what Guimarães likes. A clip-on version is often desired by runners and will provide the same information as a fitness bracelet.
The variety of fitness trackers on the market allow you to purchase one that will provide you with as much, or as little, information as you want an electronic device to tell you.

Re-branding Pizza with Twitter

Starting next Wednesday, May 20th, you will be able to simply send a tweet to Dominos to order your favorite pizza. According to USA Today Dominos will be the first and so far only major company to complete orders via Twitter. This is an unprecedented move for Dominos in an attempt to reach the younger generation. Is this really a way to grow business or a desperate rebranding attempt by a wavering pizza chain?
Dominos has recently gone under rebranding, changing them from Dominos’ Pizza to just Dominos. Part of the commercials place emphasis on the fact that they “aren’t just pizza.” The Beneful company wonders how implementing this new tweet system using a Pizza emoji moving the company away from the just pizza image?
The idea is to reach a younger and more time crunched audience is relevant, but is Dominos really going about things the right way? Are there better ways to reach a younger audience while still holding true to the new rebranding campaign?

Random Act Of Kindness In South Carolina

A generous and anonymous customer gave a $9,000 tip at a restaurant somewhere in South Carolina on May 9 because he was in a good mood to treat some strangers with a random act of kindness. However, there came some rules with this overly generous tip as they man declared that each of the three groups of people in the restaurant would be awarded with $800 and then the remaining few thousand would be divided between the three waitresses who were on duty that day.

According to an article found on, the man had stated that he was feeling happy about the Mother’s Day holiday coming up and wanted to do something nice. It is actions like this man’s that make the world a better place, and whoever he is, should know that he probably changed quite a few lives there that day. The restaurant owner Kevin Seawright was more than happy to oblige the man’s request but they will have to wait about three months before he can give the money to the people they are for, because they will need his bank check to be cleared first. Maybe because it is such a large amount is the reason that it will take so long. However, that is just about the sweetest gift that anyone could get on a day like that. Who knows, maybe one or more of them will be inspired to pay it forward.

Junk Food Kills Gut Bacteria

You may love Big Macs, but the bacteria in your gut hates them. Not just Big Macs, but all overly processed foods that contain chemicals and are usually fried. These types of fast foods kill gut bacteria and the more microbes that are killed in your gut, the more your health will decline.
Inside of every digestive system lives hundreds of trillions tiny microbes, also called gut bacteria. These teeny-tiny microbes are hard at work 24 hours a day keeping us healthy. Gut bacteria digest the food we eat and provide vitamins and minerals which our body needs to remain healthy.
Fast food contains a toxic mix of chemicals, preservatives, fats and carbohydrates that kill these beneficial gut bacteria. Every time we feed our craving for chicken nuggets and fries, we kill gut bacteria and and damage our health.
A recent study involved a food swap between two cultures; Africans who ate their cultural diet of mainly beans and vegetables swapped their diet with African Americans who ate our cultural diet of animal protein and fat. The diet swap lasted for two weeks and both groups were tested for health markers before and after the two-week study. Dr. Daniel Amen noted that the Africans who swapped their diet for the western food had a significant change to their metabolism, increased risk of diabetes and colon cancer and both groups had a dramatic change in the number of gut bacteria they had. The Africans had fewer and the African Americans had more.

Soda Pop: What are the risks?

You see the commercials every day for crisp, refreshing soda pop. Clearly the substance isn’t very good for you, but what kind of effects can soda pop have on your body, and should you quit drinking it? Recent studies and Keith Mann suggest holding on to addictive caffeinated drinks may be doing a lot more harm than good.

Soft drinks have been around for what may seem like an eternity. The standard American drinks an astounding 216 liters of soda per year. This amounts to nearly $550 a year! A large portion of the modern world is still reeling from the global financial crisis, so if you’re looking for a way to put more cash in your wallet, consider switching from soda to a healthier, cheaper alternative like bottled water or flavored water.

Soda also puts your health at risk in a variety of ways. A 2011 study linked soda to higher blood pressure. Soft drinks can also damage your teeth with the excess sugar and acidity levels. Gaining weight? Soda may be contributing to over 20% of your total daily calories and is contributing to the current obesity epidemic in America.

The standard soda contains BVO (brominated vegetable oil), which is banned in 100 countries. If something is illegal in over 100 countries, why are you drinking the substance? Surely it’s not good for your health. Most importantly, drinking soda can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and over osteoporosis.

With the evidence mounting against soft drinks, seriously consider your personal health the next time you get a craving for these addictive substances.

Chipotle Eliminates All GMO’s From It’s Menu

Since the chain’s inception, Chipotle has taken a stand on providing fast, fresh and healthy food to its customers. Now, in addition to avoiding hormones in it’s meat, offering fresh vegan options and working hard to using local, sustainable, and environmentally friendly ingredients, the fast food chain has announced that it is eliminating all food that GMOs from its menu.

Mark Ahn ( has learned that, currently, the restaurant is using non-GM0 corn and has switch from GMO-containing soybean oil, to rice bran and sunflower oil that is GMO-free. Their beef is not only GMO-free, but the cattle are feed on GMO-free grass and are pasture raised. As of now, their pork and chicken are still fed on some GMO containing ingredients, but the chain hopes to change that in the future. In addition to making sure that the major ingredients of their foods are GMO-free, they have also been working to eliminate GMO’s from all of their sauces, marinades and other ingredients. As of Monday, no single ingredient on their menu contains GMO’s.

This move has been a long time in the making for Chipolte and required them to wait for new crops that were GMO-free to be planted and harvested. Proponents of GMO’s say they are safe, but they have not been around long enough for the research to have a definite conclusion, and while they may be safe most people would prefer not to have them in their foods.

Possible Grading System to Be Set In Place For NYC Food Trucks

If food trucks is your favorite guilty pleasure, then NYC might just make it a cleaner one. Food trucks have forever graced the streets of NYC. And many corporate and blue collar workers just so happen to enjoy them during a hurried lunch break. For years food trucks have avoided the uneasy grading system that food companies are normally faced with though points out a concerned consumer, Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG.

Now, a legislator in Albany is working to unleash the Health Department’s inspectors on the street vendors. Sponsored by the Senator, the new bill proposes that a nine member commission is assigned to oversee NYC food trucks and snack carts. What is the point of this bill? To hold vendors accountable for the safety of their trucks, especially sloppy ones.
Shockingly vendors are appearing to support the proposal, due to the fact that such actions can help make their business look even more legitimate.

This bill has the ability to leverage the business of honest food truck owners, while pushing the black market vendors to the back.

The Twinkie Is Endangered Yet Again

When many people hear the name “Hostess” they instantly think of snack cakes, particularly the infamous Twinkie. These vanilla cakes filled with a mysterious white filling have been popular in the United States for what seems like ages. A couple of years ago Hostess ran into some financial problems and was forced to file chapter 11 bankruptcy. At that point it seemed like the end of the Twinkie, but it wasn’t. It didn’t take long for Twinkie boxes to show up on Amazon and Ebay for insane prices, there was general outrage that this American staple was to be no more. Investors came out of the woodwork due to popular demand and the Twinkie was in production yet again. Hostess now seems to be in trouble yet again. Gianfrancesco Genoso ( has learned that they plan to sell their company and are attempting to bring in a whopping two billion dollars. The amount is laughable. Beyond the crazy desired sale price, there is unrest between the company’s workers and Hostess. Whomever, if anyone, buys this company up has plenty of work to do if they do not want it to go under again.