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Slow Heal
It may surprise many of you but not too long ago the housing market of the great city of Chicago fell like a stone losing massive amounts of its value.This would lead to one of the worst periods of its markets history.Now yes over the course of the last two years some of the wounds have been heal but the problem is that some are not all.So with all the work that has been done there is still plenty left before the nightmare is over.

Now you may be asking why here is still work to go around?Well this is because that there are two parts of the city that need to be healed.You have the northern part of the city as well as the southern.The issue for the north is the fact that prices in this area are higher due to a more modern feel.The south has had a lower success rate due to there being less modern features.The good news for both of these sections is that they have a steady community willing to spend both the time and the money to get these areas in full health.Since 2013 these areas have began to regrow from their dark past but lie I said earlier there is still plenty of work to be done.

Now that we have the housing info down lets look at the profile of one of the many men who take the time to build this city from the ground up.This man is no other then Majeed Ekbal.During is starting days in the city Majeed saw the need to improve the methods of shopping for food.How he would make his mark would be by using both the power of the cell phone with the power of the web to allow people to shop on the go.Today this system has more then payed off so keep it going Majeed.

Today this system works but in its beginning this system was less then operational.What made this a fail case is the fact that Majeed could not use the better tech available.However as time passed Majeed would finally get his hand on the tech he needed for his work.With a more than successful track record since the new tech it will be more then hard to say that Majeed has not done his home work.Thank you Majeed Ekbal for all of the work done.

How Susan McGalla Become My Hero

I love women in the business world. There are quite a few women that are able to totally change the way that we think about the world. I believe that one of these great women is Susan McGalla. She has the determination and drive that I really need to remind me that female executives do exist. I would place her up in the ranks with CEO Ursula Burns of Xerox or Denise Morrison of Campbell Soup. Susan McGalla doesn’t have a current role as a CEO, but she has been the CEO in the retail industry more than once. I think that Susan, right along with confident leaders like Lynn Good of Duke Energy Incorporated, is a powerful woman that has managed to build a legacy.

Susan McGalla is enticing because she has this ability to move from one aspect of business to another. She has really given herself to the business of marketing, and she has thrived as a result of her efforts. I think that many people could learn from her because she knows how to handle the business world the right way. She has not let the world of business totally overtake her. Susan McGalla has become someone that has worked hard, but she has not let the workforce ruin her life. Even when she was at the top of her game she still made a decision to remove herself from the CEO role at American Eagle. She has made millions in executive roles, but she has taken time to leave the workforce and spend time as a mother. She has returned to the workforce as a consultant and founded her own business. She took a break from this and returned to Corporate America in another role. I like the fact that she knows how to give herself a break.

I think that this is so important when it comes to work. So many people have not been able to break away from titles. Most people work their entire lives and never get to enjoy the fruits of their labor on The thing that has made me like Susan McGalla even more is the fact that she realizes that there is a need to break away from the corporate world sometimes. It doesn’t matter what your position is. Even if you are the head of the company there is still going to be a need to break away from it all and simply live life. I have read that Netflix is giving mothers a year off to bond with their babies after they give birth. The thing that really raised a lot of eyebrows is that a man that has a wife or girlfriend that is expecting can also get a whole year of paid leave off. This is a great thing. It echoes the path that Susan McGalla took. She has worked from home before while she was pregnant, but I can tell that she realized how important it was for her to bond with her child.

Doe Deere: Changing the Way of Makeup

From a young age, girls have been taught that in order to look pretty we need to wear makeup. This includes everything from putting on lipstick to applying blush to our cheeks. However, using makeup isn’t as easy as it sounds. There is a lot more than meets the eye to dolling up our faces. First off, it is important to address all the different types of makeup that exists today. There is practically makeup for every part of the body. For example, there is lipstick to be placed on your lips and then eyeshadow to go onto your eyes. There is also foundation that can be applied to the face so that your complexion appears as one even tone. Makeup companies have also produced eyelash curlers which are supposed to leave your eyelashes looking much longer than ever before. However, today too many people are quick to purchase cheap makeup. That’s because the high quality stuff can be very costly. Cheap makeup, though, can play havoc on your whole complexion. It can leave you having acne and other red spots that you never would have had before. That’s why it is always best to purchase the best makeup on the market. One of the most popular and successful makeup companies out today is Lime Crime. Opposed to others, Lime Crime on focuses on embracing who you are. They believe that makeup should make you feel confident about yourself and help you stand out. While other makeup companies play a heavy focus on covering up your flaws and imperfections, this is definitely not Lime Crime’s thoughts and theories. For those that don’t know, Lime Crime was first invented by Doe Deere. Doe Deere on Pinterest has always had a love for makeup, but recently she decided to take her passion and turn it into a reality. This brand that she has created quickly grew a great reputation and a loyal following. One of the many reasons for this is that she has her consumers’ best interest in mind. She wants you to walk into this world always looking and feeling your best. She is always all about raising your self-confidence and self-image. Lime Crime products always stand out from the rest because of the bright colors used here. When you purchase lipstick or eye shadow, you can expect to find shades such as neon yellow and hot pink. Thanks to these unique colors, many individuals choose to use Lime Crime products for special events like Halloween. That’s because these colors make the perfect addition for costumes like unicorns and Barbie dolls. Remember, makeup is meant to make us truly love and appreciate the way we look. While all makeup brands and products may not succeed at this, Lime Crime definitely does. With Lime Crime products on your face, you will always feel confident in your appearance as if you can take on the world. Lime Crime is the change in makeup that was much needed. Thank you so much Doe Deere for this development.

Omar Boraie Pledges 1.5 Million Dollars for Cancer Research


In New Brunswick they have made a new chair in Genomic Science at Rutger Cancer Institute of New Jersey called the Omar Boraie Chair. These chairs signify that the universities behind them will support the specific research needed in that field. Omar Boraie pledged 1.5 million dollars to support this research. This is all part of something called the 18 chair challenge. For every 18 chairs they newly establish they will be given over three million dollars. Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is the only nationally recognized cancer research facility in the state. This facility devotes its time to the care of patients with cancer and finding new treatments.

Genomic research is very important when it comes to treating and curing cancer. It is paving the way for new types of treatments for patients. Many professionals are now doing individualized treatment for every patient that has cancer. This is the best way to treat them since they can access their situation and treat the exact problem. Even president Obama in his State of the Union Address mentioned how important it was to further research in finding a cancer cure.

Rutgers Cancer Institute was the first place where they used gene sequencing for tumor research. Now other cancer research facilities are following their lead. Gene sequencing has really improved therapies and helped to create new ones. This sequencing has been especially good at treating patients with rare types of cancers. This is because they can categorize types of cancers into groups based on their similar characteristics.

Boraie is a cancer research advocate and researcher. He studied chemistry for a lot of his life. He is hoping that the money he gave will encourage others to do the same. Robert S. Dipaola. MD has nothing but good things to say about Mr. Boraie. He says that his support will help the cancer research facility a lot and they are really grateful.

Rutgers Cancer Institute is very lucky to have someone pledge so much money to its cause. With this money the hospital can do new research to help treat common and rare types of cancer. Omar Boraie is a role model for many and researchers hope that there are many more people out there like him that will help their fight against cancer. This news piece was originally published through NewsWise.

Home Cleaning Services

One of the top cleaning service companies around is Handy Home. This company has been around for years and is known to provide great service to their customers. With Handy Home, homeowners can keep a number of areas in their homes cleaned such as their bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. What makes Handy Home among the top cleaning services is the experienced and friendly staff, Handy Home has a number of professionals who are also background checked and insured so you will be certain that you are working with quality cleaning service workers. You can also book appointments for the next day as the company offers people the opportunity to have cleaning service available within 24 hours. Another thing that makes Handy Home a great company is that it offers a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the cleaning services given, you will get a full refund.

When it comes to cleaning services, one of the things that you will usually be offered is a cleaning of the entire house. Cleaning services will often clean every area of the house which include the rooms, floors, windows and furniture. A cleaning service will use a number of methods to clean these areas of the home which include vacuuming floors, dusting furniture, cleaning counters, mopping floors and also washing the windows. By offering these particular services, homeowners will be certain that they will have a home that is completely sanitary as well as looking good.

The first task that a cleaning service from handyliquorbar will do is clean the counters of the kitchens and bathrooms. They will use sprays can sponges to clean these parts of the home. With the sprays they use, they will be able to eliminate any stains, dirt, debris and blemishes with ease and efficiency. The cleaning service will also use these sprays to leave a nice scent.

Another task that the cleaning service will do is vacuuming floors. This will consist of vacuuming all of the floors in the home which include living room, dining room, and bedrooms. This will help eliminate dirt and debris and also make the floors much more sanitary. With vacuumed floors, homeowners will be sure to have the floors of the home free of any potential blemishes.

Cleaning services also provide mopping of the floors as well. If you have tile or hardwood floors, the cleaning service will mop these surfaces. They will use special detergents to help eliminate dirt and debris as well as stains. With the special detergents used, there will also be a very nice scent which will add to a clean environment for your home. This will enable your floors to look nice, smell good and remain sanitary.

When looking to get cleaning services for your home, you will benefit with window cleaning. With window cleaning homeowners will get all of the windows completely washed up so that they are free of blemishes as well as providing a better view of the outside. With services such as this, a homeowner will have yet another way to keep their home clean and looking its very best.

Sharing Content On Flipora Is Fun

The internet is a fun place to discover new things about life that you might not hear about in the news paper. Friends often show me things they find on the web by texting me or emailing me. I’m tired of seeing my inbox and text messages flooded. I hear the constant ring of someone trying to get me to see a webpage or a picture that they found on the web. I have told everyone to get on Flipora to share content. Some of my friends have done so, and it has made my life much easier to organize. I am now happy to see less junk mail and less random texts. Save that very interesting content for Flipora.

Flipora has redefined what surfing the internet once was, and it has turned it into a fun, interactive adventure where everyone and anyone can share content, get involved and be a part of the internet. This is done by joining in on the fun with your family and friends, those who are already on this wonderful content generating portal to a more relevant internet that we have only begun to see.

Why Is Flipora’s Giving More Relevant Content?

Our iPhones and other devices have the ability to connect with Flipora, a social media app that was once InfoAxe. InfoAxe helped people find their websites and information that they had lost. It was as helpful as finding your car keys can be when you are late for work. When InfoAxe became Flipora they decided to change their company’s scope. This made them more relevant in the everyday lives of users. InfoAxe was a niche service, albeit helpful. Flipora can be a part of your daily routine.

The reason Flipora creates such relevant content is because it generates website results based on your recent search history. The content is not just randomly picked from the stacks of 0’s and 1’s on the binary pages of the world wide web. Flipora gives users a face to face experience with pages, articles, pictures, videos and other content. This is content based off of what they already like, so they are likely to like the new content. If a user doesn’t like the new content, they can always flip to a new page. This is the reason Flipora got its name. People love sharing their new content with friends and family on Flipora.

The Business Prowess of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman born 66 years ago in Washington D.C to a Jewish family. He grew up in Chevy, Maryland, and he attended the Washington University where he graduated with a law degree. He also started a career in journalism at the Washington Star. He was co-owner of the famous NBA professional basketball team known as the Atlanta Hawks.

NBA is a lucrative business, and it is famous all over the world. It normally is a great experience to watch those professional players doing what they do best. Dunking, making accurate three-pointer shots, playing roughly, and the mascots are a spectacle too. They make the game so adorable and fun to watch. Great names like Michael Jordan, Isaiah Thomas, Kareem Abdul Jabar, and many others are a production of the NBA. The cheering squads with their colorful costumes are a spectacle to behold.

Owning a famous team in the NBA is a great achievement. The Atlanta Hawks went up for sale after the owners agreed to sell it, and this was a great chance for investors. Due to its fame, the team owners would generate huge profits to a tune of $730 million after selling the team to prospective buyers. The team’s value was $450 million. Bruce could afford a smile when three other famous teams had to be sold, at exactly the same time he was selling the Atlanta Hawks. This made the prices go up by a very big margin.

In 1977, Bruce co-founded the United Communications Group together with Ed Peskowitz. He used to do all his work from his room. The company has grown, and it deals with database, oil, banking and mortgages and through the years it has been very successful. Since 1977, Bruce and Ed Peskowitz have been making it big in their business. If you need to know the local gas prices, the company has a reliable and up to date mobile app that you can use.

Dan Ferry, who was a former player for the team, was appointed as general manager, and he has been handling it since the year 2010.In 2014, Levenson decided to sell his share, and the co-owners also followed suit. The team was sold for $850 million double the amount of $450 million given by the Forbes magazine. Being an experienced businessman, Levenson made a huge profit for the team. The profit was far beyond what everyone expected, and that is why it has hit the headlines.

Levenson is committed to giving to charity, and he helps needy children get the education they so desperately need. His wealth is not his alone. Young people are being trained on how to run non-profitable organizations to help each other and the society at large and this program was founded by Levenson and his wife. He has done a lot of things, and the fact is that he is a generous person. He has three children, and it is everyone’s hope that they will follow in their dad’s footsteps of philanthropy.

Learn About the Speeding Industry of Image Recognition Technology

Image recognition technology is quickly becoming more of a reality than ever. Google for example has had the software for some time but is now integrating multiple types of recognition for the same photo. For example, if you were to have a picture of a person riding a bike you may have gotten, “Bicycle” as a response three years ago. Nowadays, a response such as “Woman on red bike riding on the sidewalk”. While there are still strides to be taken, we can now use image recognition technology to help us identify specific products and direct us to online shopping and general information regarding that item.

The most successful business in the industry today is called Slyce. Focusing on utilizing the efficiency of image recognition technology and visual search for both business and personal use, Slyce has made it possible to capture and analyze 3, 2 and 1 dimensional pictures. Imagine a gorgeous purse that you spot getting off the subway. With a quick picture, the Slyce software will deconstruct the item and match it with it’s enormous database of products from around the world. For banners or advertisements, you can simply snap a shot and be directed to the website or online shop wherever you may be. Coupons are also scan able and can be used at most grocery stores for discounts without the need for the physical coupon.

Co-founded by serial entrepreneur and author Cameron Chell, the booming businessman has had 25+ years experience and carries a timeless passion for discovering and developing companies that build new and wondrous uses for today’s rapidly growing network of technology. Slyce is just one of the fascinating advancements Chell has brought to the world on his way to grow the tech field as much as possible. The other Co-Founder, Erika Racicot has experience in the retail industry to add the personal touch needed for effective and proper customer service. She has received numerous awards for her hospitality regulations in her various hotels around the world and continues to institute a strict form of friendliness in her everyday life.

Image recognition is quickly to become the new way to access all your favorite products, news stories, general information and so much more. Make sure to visit Slyce for their National Retail show in New York City January 16th, 2016.

How Can Creative People Weave Critical Analysis Into Their Wiki Page

Wikipedia is filled with entries related to arts and entertainment. Those who have a love for theater, film, music, and other creative endeavors are welcome to contribute as Wikipedia writers. If they have something interesting to say, they may add their own materials to the entries. Even someone who is the subject of an entry, either directly or indirectly, should feel free to add facts to the text. Adding critical analysis, however, is not allowed. Original material of an analytical nature is flat out not permitted under Wiki’s guidelines. Quoting and referencing previously written essay, however, is perfectly acceptable by Wikipedia writers.

So, if a screenwriter wishes to add material about him or herself on an entry about a film he or she crafted, there are ways to do this without violating any rules. On the other hand, those who do make a mistake and fail to adhere to Wikipedia’s policies are going to find their hard work re-edited or removed. Not too many people are going to be pleased about such an outcome.

Entries that are permissible would be who wrote the screenplay, when the screenplay was written, what was the inspiration for the screenplay, meeting the screenwriter went through with the stars and producers, edits or changes made to the screenplay, and so on. All of this information falls under the category of being factual. Putting the insights into a section on “story development” would likely meet the bulk of Wikipedia’s guidelines.

Trying to publish a critical analysis of the screenplay that was specifically written for the Wiki page would not likely meet editorial standards. Wiki is not a place for publishing new content of a speculative or analytical nature. Now, what can be done is research into previous critical analysis of the screenplay could be undertaken.

Basically, a quote or two or three could be noted under a section on “Critic’s Response” and a footnote should be provided for each and every quote. (Things like this really should be sourced in order to avoid deletions) So, all-desirable critical analysis can appear. The key is things must follow the editorial guidelines of the community.

Professionals who work in the arts who wish their Wikipedia pages were fleshed may wish to contact Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki provides expert writing and editing for the Wikipedia sites. Anyone who wants to be sure a Wiki page looks and reads perfectly might want to hire an experienced professional.

Cosmetics Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Cosmetics are used by many people. Some people use cosmetics in order to alter their appearance in some fundamental way. Others use them in order to add just a little bit of dash to a look that might be otherwise drab and dull. Still others like to use cosmetics in order to help create an entirely new persona that can be used for a stage performance where they will be seen by others under a spotlight as they take on a new character and assume the role of someone else. A cosmetics company that understands the varied use of such roles is one that will thrive in today’s challenging cosmetics marketplace.

An entrepreneur who fully understand the many ways that cosmetics can be used by people to help make their lives better is Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a business person with an extensive background in the field of research and a complete understanding of the needs of her clients. She knows that people want cosmetics that can be used for specific purposes as well as to help people create a highly specific look that is just right for them. She also knows that people want to be able to have easy access to quality items that are made from very fine ingredients that will not give them any kind of allergic reaction even when worn for long periods of time. Her work has in the cosmetics field has focused on providing her many fans with access to such products in order to help them get the kind of look they want every single time they use her products.

Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, one of the world’s most forward thinking cosmetics companies. Her reason for doing so was to help people gain access to the best possible cosmetics in order to help them enjoy cosmetics that are clean, easy to use and provide them with a pop of color that can help brighten their days and fill their lives with a sense of drama and fun at the same time. The cosmetics on storyexhange that people can find for sale at Lime Crime are cosmetics that are known to be of high quality as well as made from ingredients that will stay on all day.

It is this careful attention to detail that has helped Deere and her company stay on top as customers from around the world have flocked to buy her products. The company and Deere are always on the lookout for new items that can be of use to her customers as they look for cosmetics that are right for any specific outfit that the user has in mind. Her entrepreneur’s skills have allowed her to realize that many of her customers are looking for items that can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. As a result of her understanding of her customer’s needs, Lime Crime continues to grow and expand. She and her staffers expect it to continue to do so in the future.